A simple light game made in 2 hours. I thought it was fun to play a game like this, in which you have to indicate the glowing light using keys with a time limit to make everything furious. so made this game instead of doing my homework :V

Also, this game is for my first time participation in a game jam. ELEMENTS.

How to play?

  • Press space to start/replay
  • Use A and D
  • Indicate on the glowing light using A and D
  • When the bar fills full or when you loose all your lives,  the game overs
  • For every wrong key press, you loose a life.

Last updated (5.11.2018): Mobile support, Sound


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Simple and fun!

Thanks :<>

"made this game instead of doing my homework" ->bad boy! :D

Simple but  interesting game!

Thank you very much for complementing the game. 

Pretty good game but has no sound and no sound effect 

pressing space bar made my screen go down so was hard to keep up with the game

adding some more action into it and making it a little bit harder would be cool

Keep up with the hard work :D

I added a sound effect for key press. 

i would recommand to make the keys press with arrows and add more to the game :D

I saw your video. Thanks for playing my game :V

it was lovely but still my idea would make it like mario and luigi mini game

When you figure out how the game works, it is pretty fun. Could have used some sounds, but considering it was made in 2 hours, good job!!


cool stuff, i don't have any criticism that hasn't being mentioned in other comments. Really good work for just 2 hours



I like the concept, but there is no consequence for pressing the wrong button.

I found myself just mashing the A and D keys at the same time, and my score just skyrocketed.

Over all, quite interesting, but would be better if it had some consequence for pressing the wrong key.

(2 edits)

The bar becomes red when wrong key is pressed.

EDIT: nevermind, now i know what you were talking about. 

EDIT 2: I added lives to fix that issue.

(1 edit)

It seems, for me anyway, that when I press A or D I don't get points for indicating the correct answer to the glowing light or vice versa.

Edit: Nvm, I understand it now. You have to press the key before the bar fills up. It's a simple game but the concept works well. Could have used better instructions. Good work!