I have added some basic features like sneaking and highscore which the original chrome game has. Also, I fixed the problem with the wings of the birds. The code is also written in the ES6 syntax this time. Made in 4 hours.  

How to play the game? 

Use the up and down arrow keys to jump and sneak. Avoid the cucti and the birds. You can sneak to avoid birds. however there are situations where you have to jump over them.


  • Day and night switch every 1 min
  • Updated UI
  • Bug fixes
  • Added Sounds

Last updated: 14.10.2018

I don't claim or own any of the resources/assets used in my game. All the credits for assets goes to Google and the artists who made it.


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Chrome Dino Run - a game for dinosaur games lovers, with a dinosaur in an infinite desert. The goal is to avoid crashing into cacti to get points. For each time you jump onto a cactus, a bird you get points. Claim that you are the best at this game and show your skills to your friends by doing the highest score!

The game gets gradually harder as the speed increases and the high score counter in the top right-hand corner enables you to track your results. It may not be as good as having your internet back up and running but it is at least an alternative to just gazing at a screen that is doing nothing!

The control in the game is very simple, you only press up or space to start the game. Use the same keys to jump while playing. While jumping, you can press the down arrow key to fall faster. This'll be helpful when the game gets very fast. While on the ground, you can use the same key to crouch. Avoid the cacti and the birds! When you get hit, you can restart the game by clicking the game area.